Posted By : Michaelgal

Hi Seasonal price reduction. You will really like our prices. All groups of consumer goods on our website: https://cutt.us/HrmM4....Read More

Posted By : Mohan Godbole

I, mohan godbole , was suffering with right side trigeminal neurolgia for past three years .....Read More

Posted By : Madhu Bhayani

About 22 years back, one fine day my mother who is now 71 years old experienced an electrical pain in her right side of face. The pain was for less than a minute but intensity was unbearable. She shouted and the very next moment she was normal. It happened once in a day initially, at around 10 a.m.....Read More

Posted By : Mr Les Tordai

My Honest Review on my Treatment. I am writing this about 1 year after my visit to see Dr Kailash Kothari at his clinic in Mumbai to have injections for my back pain. Like a lot of people I was a bit sceptical about coming to a far away country for tre....Read More

Posted By : Mrs. B. Suryakumari Satyamurty

I can't begin to express, in words, the amazing experience we had with Dr. Kailash Kothari. In short, it was a "God Sent Blessing". My mother, who has a degenerated disc and was in pain for the past few years, suddenly became incapacitated and couldn't get up from the bed.....Read More

Posted By : Mrs. Vimalaben Ramani

My both legs having swelling as well as both legs having more pain. I can't even sit down. After consulting with Dr. Prakash, now I feel better and my leg pain has been removed.....Read More

Posted By : Mrs. Maria Gretta D Souza

I Mrs. Maria Gretta D Souza had problem in both my knee’s but left side was too much unbearable at times. My Ortho friends told me to go on as long as I can but ultimately I have to undergo knee replacement.....Read More

Posted By : C Baker

I was suffering from left side trigeminal neuralgia since 9 years. It was very severe and unbearable shock like pain. It affected my life. In the year 2012 I met Dr. kailash Kothari and he treated me with radiofrequency ablation and my pain disappeared li....Read More

Posted By : Pallavi Nagvenkar

I am Mrs Pallavi Nagvenkar. I was suffering from low back pain since few years. I used to get this pain while doing heavy work , lifting activities . I could not sleep at night due to pain .....Read More

Posted By : Mr. BaluSingh Purohit

I Mr. Balusingh Gopal Bhai Purohit male 45 years reciding at Ahmedabad. I was having headache problems from last 6 years, And I approach many doctors in Ahmedabad to relieve my pain but there was no improvement.....Read More

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