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Can I have a procedure on the same day as my evaluation ?

Sometimes, but it can take time to check with your insurance carrier and secure authorization before scheduling the procedure. The pain clinic staff will work as quickly and efficiently as possible so that you can have your procedures in a timely manner. You can help this process by making sure that your insurance information is updated

What should I do before my procedure ?

Your stomach must be empty for the procedure, since anxiety and sedation can cause some people to be nauseous. Please don't eat for 4 hours before your appointment. However, you can take your usual medications with sips of water.

Does it matter if I take blood thinners, such as aspirin or Coumadin ?

Yes. It is very important to notify the physician that is prescribing the blood thinners that you are going to have a procedure. This doctor will instruct you about when to stop taking the medication. Sometimes your blood will be checked on the day of the procedure to make sure it is okay to proceed.

How long do the procedures take ?

Most procedures take less than 10 minutes to perform. You will be asked to arrive a little early in order to fill out any necessary paperwork, and you will stay in the recovery area of our facility for about 20 – 30 minutes after your procedure. Since you will have received sedation for the procedure, you will need a driver to take you home.

How does the doctor know where to perform the procedure ?

The vast majority of the procedure will take place under fluoroscopic guidance, which is a way to use low intensity X-rays to show the outlines of bone structures. Your doctor knows where the needles need to be in relation to these structures and will even use a very small amount of dye to confirm that the medications are flowing precisely to where they need to go in order to achieve a good result.

What can I expect after the procedure ?

Plan to relax for the rest of the day. If you receive a steroid injection you may be uncomfortable until the medicine begins to take effect (1 – 2 days). If your doctor used local anesthetic to block nerves, such as facet joint nerves, the local medicine will wear off in about 4-6 hours. Generally, it is safe to resume your normal activities the next day, including going to work.

Who can I call if I have specific questions ?

Please call the Pain Clinic Of India. Our staff will be happy to assist you.

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