Facet Joint Pain Syndrome, Treatment Clinic For Facet Joint Pain Syndrome

Facet joint and Medial Branch nerve injections

Facet joint and Medial Branch nerve injections

What is a Facet Joint Pain Syndrome?

Facet joints are joints between two vertebrae.  They are present in entire spine. There are various causes which can produce facet joint pain. Some common ones are - bad posture, "whiplash" injuries, arthritis or degeneration of the spine.

When facet joints are inflamed, they can cause pain on one or both the sides of back, movement like bending backwards or forwards are painful. Sometimes pain may be referred to the gluteal, back side of thigh or calves.

These joints are supplied by nerves called "medial branch nerves".

How to diagnose if facet joint is cause of your back or neck pain?

Under X-ray control, a thin needle is inserted under local anaesthesia and the tip is placed in the facet joint or near the medial branch. A small amount of local anaesthetic is injected.

If Patient is relieved of his pain immediately post injection, we confirm that the pain is carried by medial branches. These patients will benefit for long term by radiofrequency ablation of medial branches.

This is the only test to tell the doctor the pain is coming from facet joint.

Once test is positive (i.e. you get more than 75% pain relief), radiofrequency ablation of medial branches will provide your lasting pain relief.

Facet Joint Pain
Facet Joint Injection
Facet Joint Pain
Facet Joint Injection

Radiofrequency ablation of Medial branches -

This procedure is same as diagnostic test. Special needles called RF cannula are placed near the medial branches under fluoroscopic control and RF current is applied. The nerve is heated and thus gets coagulated. This stops painful sensations from the Facet joints.

How long the effect lasts?

Usual benefit is seen anywhere from 6months to 18 months. 

What if My pain comes back ?

Procedure can be repeated after the pain comes back. 

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