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Percutaneous Biaculoplasty

Percutaneous Biaculoplasty

Biaculoplasty Discectomy

Disc prolapse causes back and leg pain. In early stages of disc prolapse, the outer cover called annulus is partially ruptured and inner gel called nucleus leaks out from the annular tear. The Gel in the annulus irritates the small nerves in the annulus and causes severe back pain. The back pain is typically starts on sitting of standing position, gradually increases over 5-15min, feels stiffness, burning, tightness with or without in in buttocks, thighs, calf and in toes, with tingling, numbness and radiating pain.

These kind of dis prolapse doesn't need major spine surgery and can be treated with pain management procedure called "Biaculoplasty". This is very effective for low back pain or leg pain where disc is proven as cause of pain by MRI scan or Provocative discography.

Two thin Coolief RF needles are inserted in the disc from both the side under local anesthesia.

The needles are placed in the annulus under live x-ray control. The Cooled RF current is applied and the disc is heated between the two needle tips. This helps in sealing the annular tear, ablate the painful nerves, remove the nucleus material by heat evaporation & thereby relieving the pain.

The pain relief is almost immediate in most of the patients & some gets relief within 4-6 weeks depending on the chronicity of the case.

The procedure takes 30-40 minutes & patients can go home within few hours after the procedure.

Disc biacuplasty - Wikipedia
Biaculoplasty - Note the needle position and RF ablation between needle tips called BIPOLAR RF lesioning.

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