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Gasserian Ganglion RF ablation

Gasserian Ganglion RF ablation

What is Gasserian Ganglion RF ablation ?

The Gasserian Ganglion can be partially ablated as it sits in Meckles Cave either by using Glycerol or by making a radiofrequency lesion.

A small thin needle is inserted into the middle of the cheek under local anaesthesia, and gently guided with X-ray assistance through the foramen ovale into Meckles Cave where the Gasserian Ganglion sits.

It is important to treat the correct branch of the trigeminal nerve involved in the pain, to avoid excessive numbness post-procedure. With latest RF generators we can stimulate to confirm the branch which is to be ablated. This improves the effectiveness of the therapy

For patients where surgery and anaesthesia is too risky, Injection Techniques may offer pain relief.

Gasserian Ganglion Surgery
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