Posted By : Miss Binaifer Billimoria

I had developed pain in my right knee due to early osteo-arthritis, my sister advised me to take advise from Dr Kothari. He treated me with medicine & explained me about treatment called Prolotherapy.....Read More

Posted By : Shilpa Anand(actress)

I used to suffer form acute migraines for over 10 yrs.I had tried every possible treatment and medications.In fact some medications were also causing memory loss.Then i met Dr.kailash kothari in 2013 and he explained me about cervical headache originating from my neck.....Read More

Posted By : Vijay Nimbolkar(retired)

I was detected with ankylosis spondilitis in 1994. I consulted many doctors but all said that there is neither cure nor treatment. Slowly I started bending from vest and had immense pain and my both shoulders were fixed and couldn't do any movement. At that time I came to know about Dr Kailas Kothari who was visiting Akola. So I consulted him and he studied my case and MRI, X RAY Reports suggested me about RFA (Radio Frequency Abilation).....Read More

Posted By : Dhirendra Gaur

Being a cancer patient with stage IV Renal Cell Carcinoma (RCC) I had severe pain at various locations in my chest, upper back and lower back. Thanks to Dr. Prakash Deshmukh ya pain clinic of India whose pain relief treatment has helped me to get relief from the unbearable pain and I was able to resume my daily household activities.....Read More

Posted By : Mrs Jhaliyadevi Pandit

I was suffering from severe back and leg pain with foot drop on left side. I was not fit for surgery due to cardiac problem. I came to know about Pain clinic of India through my employer. Dr. Kailash Kothari examined me and seen my all reports including MRI. He suggested me ozone discectomy with epidural injections at 2 levels.....Read More

Posted By : Siratunisa Khan

I am very much overweight and have severe knee, back and shoulder pains. I was referred to pain clinic of India by one of my friend who took treatment here and felt very good. I was not able to walk or stand without support. My knee used to hurt a lot. Back and shoulder pain were comparatively less.Dr. Examined me and informed me that there is osteoarthritis of knee and pain is because of that.....Read More

Posted By : Akash S.

I had cancer of tongue. which was operated and I have taken chemo and radiotherapy. my cancer is healed but I have lot of deformity of the face due to surgery. Now I have pain in the jaw, tongue and face including headache. It was very severe and I could not sleep at night for many months.I was referred to pain clinic by my cancer surgeon.....Read More

Posted By : Dr. Tasneem Kamath

I can actually say I had lost hopes of ever getting better with this pain over my back and on outer thigh (for many many years), as no one wanted to put that diagnosis of greater trochanter bursitis or treat it, but on coming to your clinic at Thane and the way you examined me it raised my hopes of getting better again.....Read More

Posted By : Shobha Devidas Karapurkar

I Shobha Devidas Karapurkar residing in Malbhat, Margao, Goa. I was suffering from waist and leg pain, I can not stand too long and a lot of trouble in sitting down and specially while sleeping. I've been through many doctors around Goa, Manipal, Belgaum, Kolhapur. I spent money in lacs, but without any results. I took all my reports Ultrasound, Scanning, X-Ray, MRI as per doctor’s suggestions but no results.....Read More

Posted By : Ramita Ramesh Harlankar

I Ramita Ramesh Harlankar, age 58 years, living at Borda, Margao. I was suffering from pain in the waist since 5 years. This time it was too bad. My waist hurts so much that I was not able to get up. My son took me to orthopedic and Joint surgeon. But I did not get any relief from treatment. Then they took me to the another surgeon. He told me to admitted to the hospital.....Read More

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