Posted By : Anthony D'souza

I Anthony D'souza, 7years ago all of a sudden I had pain, tingling, numbness, burning sensation in my right side.MRI showed that I had some cysts in my spine , I was seen by top neuro surgeon in Hinduja Hospital , and I was told that surgery involves lot of complication, so I cannot be operated and was left on pain killers.....Read More

Posted By : Nancy Syed

My name is Nancy, and I am a Registered Nurse working in St.John of God, Subiaco, Australia. 6 months back, I had having severe pain in my heel, which my GP Doctor said it was plantar fasciitis, and prescribed me pain killers.....Read More

Posted By : Altaf Hussein

I am a BSF soldier posted in Kashmir in tough situations. I started getting severe shooting pain on my face in last 4months. I was not able to talk, ear, brush, even open my mouth during severe pain. I was having trigeminal neuralgia.....Read More

Posted By : Mr. Abdul Qureshi

I was having severe back and leg pain for 1year. I was not able to walk even few steps and felt weak legs. On MRI I was told by spine surgeons that my nerves are compressed due to slipped disc. I was advised spine surgery. I have seen very bad results with spine surgery in my friends and relatives so me and my wife were totally against it.....Read More

Posted By : Mrs. Usha Sakhalkar.

I was in excruciating pain in my both legs and knee since August 2016. I first consulted orthopedic surgeons. On examination and MRI scan he told me that I have canal stenosis and referred me to Dr. Manjiri Ranade at Pain Clinic of India, Thane. I am known diabetic patient and that time could not even walk for 5 minutes. All my routine daily activities were standstill. After exmaining me and my MRI scan Dr. Manjiri explained us in details about my disease and its treatment.....Read More

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