Posted By : DR. Vrushali R Khare

Compliant of Pain is cervical region since 6 Months MRI : Shows C6 – C7 disc prolapse.I have taken treatment at pain clinic of India Kalyan branch ---- I received epidural injection 1 Month back.....Read More

Posted By : Sukeshini throat

I was suffering from lower back pain and couldn't seat even for 10 minutes. After examining me in depth by performing MRI procedure and a small injection in the back called transforaminal, I had 50% of relief in just 20 days. And now after 1 month I'm having 80% of relief and still my treatment is going on.....Read More

Posted By : Kamala Hiran

I am 60 years old. I had severe back pain since last 3 years and increased in severity in last 6 months. In last few weeks I was unable to sit, walk or stand for more than 2 minutes. I visited orthopedics, neurosurgeons, Physiotherapists, bone setters, Ayurvedic and other many doctors who tried everything but to no relief. Many suggested that I need to undergo major spine surgery to fix the problem. I was really afraid as I heard many failures of the surgery in my close relatives and friends. My family was also against surgery. But due to pain the life has become very sad.....Read More

Posted By : Suraj Kumar Roy

Hare Krishna! On 15-Dec-16, I had difficulty to walk and stand which I ignored and later I had trouble bending my knee. But I ignored and went on. The next day I contiuned distributing pamphlets and the knee pain only increased So I purchased knee ointment thinking this would relieve my pain. Next day morning I had oversee Newspaper insertions I was barely able to walk and my knee had swollen.....Read More

Posted By : Dr Jariwala

I am 70 Year old & pathologist by profession. I had a pyogenic arthritis of hip joint at the age of 14 years. Post surgery hip was fused & by the age of 20 I had shortening of the leg by four inches.....Read More

Posted By : Asha Gaikwad

Treated in March 2017. My name is Asha Gaikwad. I underwent surgery for my left lung bullae removal. After surgery I suffered severe nerve pain which was shooting from back to the front of the chest and abdomen.My surgeon gave me many medicines but all failed. My life was horrible and I wanted to die rather than suffering so much. My surgeon then referred me to Dr. Kailash Kothari at Pain clinic of India.....Read More

Posted By : Stella Noronha

In October 2015, my mother Mrs Stella Noronha, aged 66 was diagnosed with liver cancer (stage 4) with a metastasis growth in the form of a tumour around her right hip region spread across the right pelvis. The oncologists had stated that she would not live for more than 6 to 9 months.....Read More

Posted By : Rupesh Nimbolkar(student)

hello , I had knee injury in 2005 while playing cricket. It was in right knee. I always had pain in my knee but used to have painkillers. As time passed pain also aggravated. Slowly my knee started locking while doing daily chores. It was so embarrassing as it used to happen even in public places. Then I went for doing MRI of my right knee.....Read More

Posted By : Mr. Nasrullah Khan

I had been suffering from Trigeminal Neuralgia on the right side of my face since 2007-08. Since then i had tried a lot of things like acupressure, acupuncture, ayurvedic, homeopathic, Unani, innumerable Allopath physicians and consulted quite a few Neurologists. But there was no letting up from the Trigeminal Neuralgia. Fortunately for me, i came across Pain Clinic Of India at apollo spectra where they directed me to Dr. Kailash Kothari, MD. I Met the Doctor on 8th of August 2015 .....Read More

Posted By : Miss Monaz Billimoria

I was suffering from very severe Low Back Pain (Scitica / Facet Joint) for around Five (5) years.  I was given only painkillers by different doctors, I tried accupuncture but didn't help much & pain contiuned. Then I came to know about Pain Clinic of India & Dr kailash Kothari Through A Family Friend.....Read More

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