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About 22 years back, one fine day my mother who is now 71 years old experienced an electrical pain in her right side of face. The pain was for less than a minute but intensity was unbearable. She shouted and the very next moment she was normal. It happened once in a day initially, at around 10 a.m.

We went to doctors, perhaps many doctors practicing allopath, homeopath and ayurveda diagnosing it as sinus pain, cold related etc. However, to our dismay, the actual problem could not be diagnosed. And since the pain use to come once in a while we too didn’t pay much attention as well. In 2004, when I came to Pune for studies, the intensity and severity of pain has increased. So we went to ENT specialist who first time treated with epilepsy medicine. It became my mammas’ favourite medicine as she used to get relieved from the pain in no time. By 2008, even medicines at higher dose was not sufficient, and we were suggested MRI. MRI reports showed the problem of trigeminal neuralgia. So I went to a neurosurgeon at Nagpur. Mumma underwent micro vascular decompression surgery (MVD). The other drug at lower concentration was continued after surgery and mumma was quite okay. In 2013, her pain again aggravated, so higher dose of various drugs were recommended.

By now these drugs were my mothers’ favorite pain reliever and was recommended when pain aggravates. Recently, in September, 2018, she started complaining of severe pain again in the right side. Unable to sleep, eat or even talk. Her miracle medicines were not helping her. Then, I met nerologist doctor at Apollo, understanding her age, suggested me to undergo a noninvasive treatment of Radio frequency thermo-ablation by Dr. Kothari. Due to the medical facility provided at my institute, I took second opinion from BARC, and was suggested for MVD, surgery again, as she does not have any blood pressure or diabetes problem. My first thought - An invasive surgery! But maybe mumma will be relieved from the pain. Although she was reluctant, I convinced her. We got her MVD done at Mumbai. She was feeling good, with a little complain of pain near her right jaws. She was discharged home and I felt relaxed. But after a week her pain came back with high force and torture. Even doctor who operated her was concerned about her pain.

This time I went to Dr. Kothari and he immediately took a decision of doing RFA at Chembur. We got it done and she got relieved immediately. I wish and hope she remains out of pain always. I and my son are happy to see her laughing, eating well and happy and sleeping like a small baby

Thanks a lot!

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